Running a business can get a little crazy, especially when combined with your personal life. In some cases, the overwhelm of work and life can even become seemingly unmanageable. Partner and CPA Jami Johnson and host Megan Spicer talk about 3 ways a Virtual CFO can help you tackle the overwhelm of work. 


What we cover in this episode: 

  • 05:00 – A virtual CFO can help you establish a system
  • 11:10 – Simplifying your business to reduce feeling overwhelmed at work
  • 21:33 – Gaining confidence with virtual CFO services

    A virtual CFO can help you establish a system

    One way to overcome feeling stressed, is by establishing a system, or systems, within your business. We dive into what that means and how it can help eliminate being overwhelmed at work. We start by understanding big-picture goals within your business. Jami expands on this, “… one of our first things we get in sync with our clients on, is really to understand where they want to go, what they’re wanting to do… and really challenge them to think in a way that they don’t normally think as a business owner.”

    These questions help us truly understand what type of system would be most effective to ultimately give the business owner more time to actually work on the business rather than in the business. Establishing systems can look different for every company based on individual needs and growth goals.

    Systems provide clarity, which has a direct correlation in helping to overcome stresses. Once you’re able to establish the important systems that run your business, you can begin prioritizing and delegating, meaning hiring a team to help you start tackling the tasks you don’t need to do directly. This is where your advisor can help push you to delegate where necessary, as well as help you determine whether hiring some full-time or part time help makes sense.

    Simplifying your business to reduce feeling overwhelmed at work

    Overthinking seems to go hand-in-hand with feeling overwhelmed. This can overcomplicate decisions in business, therefore change is needed. Jami adds, “I think sometimes we overthink and we think we can’t do that. … and I think we actually can, we can do a lot more than we think we’re capable of doing. And you as a business owner, the more that you are willing to be molded and willing to be refined and kind of pushed in a way to think about things differently and to work in a way you’ve never worked before.”

    Simplifying doesn’t mean to disengage entirely from your business functions, it just means to become more efficient. A virtual CFO assists in this process by providing you with tools, resources, and advice that can help you achieve this. Whether it is simply switching operating systems, or financial structure, or the way you pay your bills; starting somewhere will make a difference in the long run. 

    A virtual CFO, and experienced advisor, can make a stark difference in this process because they have been through this before and have a blueprint to follow. One of the things we tend to get overwhelmed with as business owners is the sheer volume of tasks and decisions that must be done, making it difficult to know where to start. An advisor can step in and help you knock out the overwhelming list by highlighting the tasks and systems that are most important for your growth goals. 

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    Sharing your stress and reasons you’re feeling overwhelmed at work with your advisor or virtual CFO in order to make progress. The more you trust and share your thoughts, the faster and easier it is to take the measures needed to simplify your business and routine.

    Gaining confidence with virtual CFO services 

    One of the most important parts of working with a virtual CFO to reduce overwhelm, would be gaining confidence; whether gaining it back, enhancing it or gaining it in areas you didn’t have it before, our virtual CFO’s top priority is building a trusting working relationship so they are able to have the necessary conversations needed to grow and make change. 

    Jami believes with this, “now they’re willing to not just have that conversation, they’re willing to confidently have that conversation and feel at peace with it. That is no longer an overwhelming place to be because there’s control around it and they know that if they have questions or they need something, somebody’s in their corner, fighting with them, not for them, not against them, but with them. And I think that’s a really huge piece in gaining that confidence is just knowing what somebody else can do for you”.

    Having someone who has been down these roads before, has the same mindset of growth and wants to help can make a large impact in the trajectory of your business. The success of a company and business doesn’t happen overnight, but the feeling of being overwhelmed at work and in life can happen overnight. You don’t and can’t build and grow alone, which is why our virtual CFO services provide a partnership approach, so you don’t have to do it alone. 



    Feeling overwhelmed at work and in life isn’t something that is new or scarce in the world of business ownership. However, it is something that can be helped, fixed and eliminated, and should not be ignored. Having an advisor will ease the stress and guide you and your business in the right direction. Without change and guidance in this situation of overwhelm, there can be no growth in your business. Remember, you’re not alone, you’re not weak, and this is a common feeling; a common feeling we would be more than happy to help you reduce or eliminate.


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