In this captivating episode, host Amanda Mulcahy engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Partner Jaime Staley and esteemed Author and Business Life Coach Daniel Mangena. Delving deep into the essence of his philosophy, Daniel sheds light on the common challenges faced by his clients, the delicate balance between personal and professional pursuits, and the transformative power of mindfulness in the business realm. Prepare to be inspired and gain valuable insights as this episode uncovers the profound wisdom hidden beneath the surface.


What we cover in this episode: 

  • 04:22 – Are You Sabotaging Yourself with Mindfulness & Meditation?
  • 10:20 – Finding Balance within Business
  • 16:20 – Common Difficulties to Overcome

Are You Sabotaging Yourself with Mindfulness & Meditation?

Dan introduces a refreshing outlook on integrating meditation and mindfulness into the world of business. Initially, like us and many others, you may have experienced a moment of surprise, exclaiming, “What?!” However, once you delve into the ways in which mindfulness and meditation can inadvertently impede progress in both professional and personal spheres, you will likely find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking, “Ah, that makes sense.” This episode illuminates the possible downsides of incorporating mindfulness and meditation practices, presenting a novel viewpoint that dares to question traditional assumptions and encourages introspective contemplation.

Dan talks about meditation not being the problem. Instead, it is how we use or don’t use the mindfulness it brings that can cause issues. Practicing without application does no good. 

He notes, “What I’ve seen time and time again is people don’t understand that there’s all of this power that we can access through mindfulness, through meditation, through breath work, through yoga, through visualization.”

“But unless I then connect that to specific thoughts that I’m directing in the direction of where I want to go, and then specific action that matches it, I’m not gonna go anywhere. And that’s why I think that mindfulness can become a mind field for those who are not properly applying its power and actually something that ends up being a sabotage, a point of sabotage for so many.”

Finding Balance within Business

It is important to find a balance in meditation and similar practices. Otherwise, they can cause the problems they are meant to prevent. Finding the balance while working or owning a business, looks different for everyone.

We have had many perspectives, but one thing remains consistent. Balance looks different for everyone. It is about finding what works best for your situation and adapting as you go along, because it will change. 

Dan’s perspective brings a unique approach that makes perfect sense. It is about “…us being multidimensional. We’ve got all these different aspects of ourself and if we’re not taking care of those, we’re not taking care of us. If we’re not taking care of us, then we’re not gonna be able to fully function and show up anyway.”

An example of this is Dan’s week. He has a 3-day work week, a day for personal development, a day for hobbies and 2 days to truly connect with his friends and family. He makes his days intentional so he can get the most out of them. 

If you spend 7 days a week practicing meditation or reading self-development books but never implementing them, or the opposite, trying to implement them everyday and ignoring the rest of the important things in your life, you are potentially reaching that sabotaging point. 

mindfulness in business

Common Difficulties to Overcome 

One common truth we know and understand is that most tasks are easier said than done. In Dan’s role as a business life coach, there are recurring challenges he has helped others overcome. One of these difficulties is having the victim mentality. 

“…Any level of victim mentality is disempowering to moving forward. So long as someone else is responsible, we’re not gonna be able to consciously move forward. The way that I frame it is, we can’t deploy agency that we’ve outsourced through blame.”

“So as long as I’ve given any of my power, I’m depleting the power that I’ve got to execute with, and that then can show up in other ways. The victim mentality may manifest in self-sabotage. It may manifest in procrastination. It may manifest in unworthiness, which is just the story that’s carrying the victim narrative…”

“…So it’s really getting people into a point where they can accept responsibility without shifting the blame to themselves, and then going into guilt and shame and beating themselves up.”



Ultimately, as Dan says, “…recognize that your success or your failure really are going to come down to you…” How you utilize your meditating, resources and support is important in getting the results you want. Remember to practice mindfulness in business and in life. 

Starting the right things and stopping them in order to implement other things, can be the difference between failing and succeeding at something. Find what guides you to a fulfilling life and don’t get caught up in the everyday act of going through the motions. 

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