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PJS & Co. CPAs strives to honor work / life balance for our clients and team. Our successful firm is proof that growth & profitability can be achieved while living your best life!

About PJS & Co. CPAs

PJS & Co. CPAs was founded by women who were tired of the expectation that you will be tied to a desk for most of your life to build a career.

Our belief is that society deserves strong professionals who have the ability to support their families. We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to help you and have the capacity to grow with your business as your needs change.

Take a look at our Services to see our offerings or if you are a CPA looking to join our team, we invite you to look at our Career Opportunities.

Welcome to a new way of thinking.

PJS & Co. CPAs, Virtual CPA

PJS & Co. CPAs Vision

We found that our clients needed more than someone to complete compliance work like bookkeeping and taxes. Our clients need an advisor who cares about their business. One who invests time into learning why they’re in business, what they’re doing now, what is working, and also has the background to deliver valuable feedback and information to improve.

Our company is 100% virtual, giving you convenience and saving you time. We do not believe that professionals should be tied to a desk most of their life while trying to raise a family, travel and enjoy a life worth living. We serve entrepreneurs like you who are looking to make a difference and love the fact that our clients support our goal to provide an environment that allows a healthy work-life balance.

Our vision of allowing true work-life balance goes beyond our CPA firm. We believe that professionals deserve more flexibility than the current corporate world dictates and our goal is to be the driving force in changing that corporate belief. You and your family deserve more and we are here to deliver.

Welcome to the change we are making in this world. Join us in this journey.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing even when it’s the hard thing. Operating with Integrity always, fostering trust from our clients, our teammates, our business associates, and others with a high level of care and professionalism in all that we do.  Truly serving one another and our clients in each situation we encounter by being responsive, detailed, listening and being willing to be a dissenter when necessary with respect and grace but focusing on the greater good for all involved.


RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED – Creating a partnership mentality and fostering an environment of teamwork. Showing appreciation and gratitude for these relationships (both inside and outside the company) with mutual respect and consistent communication.


PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION – Make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen.  Communication is always important and even more so as a virtual company.  Proactive, regular communication helps to build bridges within our team and with our clients, fostering a smoother more enjoyable atmosphere for all.


COLLABORATION – Working with others to achieve something great! We want to foster an atmosphere for transparent collaboration to the benefit of our clients as an extension of their team.  We work with people inside and outside our organization to gain the best possible insights and benefits for our clients. 


SERVICE-MINDED – Advocating for and creating peace-of-mind for our clients. We want to always keep our clients and both their spoken and unspoken needs in mind.  Proactively working to advocate for the best interests of their businesses and life balance, creating solutions to move the needle in the right direction.  We naturally do what we say we are going to do and more!


LIFESTYLE – Cultivating Life in Balance.  We cultivate lifestyle by fostering a landscape of change for our team and our clients to be able to create a wondrous blend of business and personal lives. Encouraging personal and professional growth as a vital part in achieving health, success and happiness. Striving to forge a new path for generations to come where living lives is not in conflict with being in business but is in harmony with it; welcoming others to join with us on this journey.

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Experienced CPAs, vCFOs and Business Advisors


PJS & Co. CPAs offers the expertise, skills and knowledge you need when it comes to a reliable CPA, but that is not what sets us apart from other firms.

We are a mission-driven company setting out to revolutionize work environments for professionals everywhere.

Our business model, which features low client-to-CPA ratios, allows us to meet with you one-on-one. You get the attention you need at your convenience without having to leave your house or office and we provide a Secure Client Portal to exchange documents without having to physically send paperwork back and forth. We are able to partner you with a CPA or business advisor who has the expertise you need for your specific industry and business goals without geographic considerations. Our CPAs have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions that can ultimately result in growth and profitability for your business.