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Business Management Resources


Updates to rules and regulations can make it difficult to keep up. We have gathered some business management resources and links below to the current IRS rules and regulations as they relate to issues you face every day in managing your business.

In addition to staying knowledgable about the latest laws governing employees or independent contractors, it can be helpful to follow a blog specific to your industry as well as joining your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). These resources can help you stay on top of the ever changing environment in which we all operate.

Looking for more resources? Visit our main free resources page or check out our podcast, Cultivating Business Growth.

Business Management Resources

Links to the information you need to run your business

Business management resources

Independent contractor vs. employee

Determine whether individuals providing services for your business are designated as independent contractors or employees.

Business management resources

Expense reimbursement rules

Learn how to handle expense reimbursements and the laws surrounding them. 

Business management resources

Travel rules

IRS rules about what travel expenses are deductible. 

Overtime rules

Familiarize yourself with recent changes to overtime laws. For more information, read more in this article featured on

Business structures

Information from the IRS regarding the business structures available to you.