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Business Management Resources


Updates to rules and regulations can make it difficult to keep up. We have gathered some business management resources and links below to the current IRS rules and regulations as they relate to issues you face every day in managing your business.

In addition to staying knowledgable about the latest laws governing employees or independent contractors, it can be helpful to follow a blog specific to your industry as well as joining your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). These resources can help you stay on top of the ever changing environment in which we all operate.

Looking for more resources? Visit our main free resources page or check out our podcast, Cultivating Business Growth.

long term business goals


This is one of the first crucial steps you must complete in your business so you have a concrete destination in mind. We are offering this free workbook to assist you in defining that vision for your company. 

strategic planning goals for next 12 months

DOWNLOAD THE FREE WORKBOOK: Establishing 12 Month Goals

In order to take your vision and long-term goals from ideas to action, you must start by establishing your goals for the year. We are offering this free workbook to assist you in establishing those goals that will be most impactful for your business. 

strategic planning - goals for quarter


We are offering this free workbook to assist you in putting together a quarterly action plan that will help you focus on the most impactful goals for your business.

What do you as a business owner need to do to make a difference in the value of your business, the profit you are making and the lifestyle you enjoy? Get clarity by spending some time answering the questions in this workbook.

strategic plan budgeting

DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE: Strategic Budget Template

This free template will give you a baseline for the budget items you should include in a strategic budget.

Please consult with your CFO or advisor when finalizing this budget and beginning to implement a plan. 

strategic plan sales and marketing


Client Avatar Worksheet

This free worksheet will help you define your ideal client. 

Walk through step-by-step to answer the questions you need to know to effectively advertise, speak to and work with your ideal clients.