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Daily bookkeeping tasks used to be tedious and time-consuming… until now. is a cloud-based tool designed to make your accounting processes more efficient. While there are a variety of cloud-based options available to help streamline accounting processes, seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting software.

As a virtual CPA firm, we rely heavily on cloud-based technology to seamlessly deliver the same accounting services as traditional firms without ever meeting our clients face-to-face. is a program we utilize daily for our own company transactions as well as many client accounts and we have seen multiple benefits and time/cost savings as a result.

About has features for managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, allowing you to collect ACH payments from customers and clients. The payables function allows users to approve and pay bills in half the time compared to traditional paper-based processes. Users may also connect to vendors and 1099 contractors to pay online and use the program to store invoices, checks and receipts. Its web-based interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Users of have noted a variety of benefits:

streamline accounting

Save time

Current clients have reported that the tool has reduced the time spent on bill pay and approvals by 50-70 percent. The tool also collects all information for your accountant in one place and even integrates seamlessly with accounting software – cutting out the time it used to take you to gather everything and send it over!

Get paid faster

The ACH option allows for faster payment from customers. Electronic payment also allows for direct deposit and eliminates the need to collect payment via paper checks. provides an added level of security for payments. Checks are no longer floating through the mail and sensitive banking information is stored with bank level encryption.

Eliminate double data entry automatically notifies you if it identifies a potential duplicate entry. No more entering the same transaction twice!

See all activity in one place, where you want to see it

The platform is available for desktop, phone apps for iPhone, Android and tablet – wherever and however you work. Your personal dashboard allows you to see all incoming and outgoing payments in one place, helping you make accurate forecasts and view your financial picture at a glance.

Improved approval process allows you to setup multiple approvers for the accounts payable process. This provides for an extra measure of checks and balances and streamlines the process of getting multiple approvals. There is a full audit trail as well that can be helpful when looking for historical data.


Prices start at $29 per user/month, and increase based on the features and services you need. Don’t see a set package? also offers custom pricing and features, based on your unique requirements. See more about pricing.


QuickBooks syncs can be glitchy. is a powerful tool but there are some weaknesses you should also be aware of when you begin using the system. Syncs between QuickBooks and are not always seamless. There are tips and tricks you will learn along the way and many that, as a certified expert, accountants probably already know. You may spend some time with their support in the first few syncs to get everything ironed out but the overall benefits of the sync outweigh this downfall.

It’s not for everyone.

While this software has great potential to streamline your company’s processes, you must have the volume to find value in what has to offer. If you are only receiving two or three payments per month or paying out a handful of vendors, this is an unnecessary addition to your tech deck.

Time & Cost Savings

Overall, if your business has the volume to necessitate efficiencies in your receivables and payables processes, is a fantastic solution. The time and cost saving benefits pay for themselves and you will have the peace of mind that accompanies having everything organized in one secure location. Certified

At PJS & Co. CPAs, we have received expert certification! We can use our expertise to help you navigate the platform and discover how it can benefit your business. We are also experts at helping you streamline accounting processes and offer virtual CFO services that help you achieve business growth and improve profitability. Contact us today to learn more!

streamline accounting