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According to a staggering SCORE statistic, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues. Not only can cash flow challenges cause business failure, but they bring financial and emotional devastation. 


Once you’ve experienced something like a scramble to cover payroll or past due bills first hand, you want to do everything in your power to avoid it in the future. There can be a tremendous amount of relief when operating with positive cash flow vs the everyday stresses that come with cash flow challenges.

Creating an accurate cash flow projection is just one of the many cash management services we provide.


Percentage of Businesses that Fail Due to Cash Flow

cash flow management services

Our Cash Flow Management Services Can Include:

  • Assistance in securing an appropriate line of credit
  • Consideration of how to effectively use idle cash
  • Implementation of proven and effective collection policies

There are steps you can take to avoid cash flow problems, and ultimately crisis. Creating a cash flow projection with a vCFO or controller can put you back in control. With the right guidance and tools, you can track and manage your cash flow in a way that alleviates the stress that comes with lack of control over your cash flow situation. 


For the short-term view, we create a 4-8 week cash flow forecast and meet with a member of your internal team for regular meetings to discuss the inflows and outflows and related timing of these items.


Long-term cash flow management includes estimates of the end of quarter and end of year balances as well as establishing tax and operational reserves. These tools give you the power to develop a strategy that can help you scale your business.


In addition to the proactive approach above, we take a look at historical cash flow statements that will give you insight into where your money has gone. This allows us to help you uncover trends and potentially hidden costs that could be hindering your business growth. 



In preparation for our cash flow meetings, we will perform weekly bank reconciliations as well as review the outstanding payables and receivables of your company. During our meeting we will also determine any action steps needed such as collections activities, pushing out timing of payments, line of credit or savings transfers, etc.

What Can Cash Flow Management Do For You?


  • Provides you with peace of mind regarding where you stand and helps to smooth out cash flow
  • Keeps the business running without interruptions due to cash flow constraints
  • Gives you knowledge about your current cash needs and helps you anticipate upcoming changes 
  • Provides understanding for the best sources for meeting additional cash needs
  • Allows you to prepare yourself and your business for unforeseen circumstances, by building and maintaining good relationships with bankers and other creditors 
  • Gives a road map for long-term business success
  • Helps you differentiate between profit and cash flow


Cash flow can truly make or break your business, so it’s an area of financial operations that is critical to get right. Working with a partner like us, you’re able to avoid stressful cash flow situations and start building financial processes that will help you remain cash flow positive long into the future.

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