Jaime Staley

Jaime Staley, Owner, CPA, MSA is focused on improving growth and profitability for her service-based business clients. She specializes in dental, healthcare and IT industries. With over 20 years of accounting and finance experience, she excels working directly with business owners to help them understand the financial status of their company. Jaime prides herself on her strong work ethic, passion for teaching and ability to learn quickly. Her clients love her personable approach and know that she operates with their best interest in mind, acting as a partner and advisor. 


Jaime Staley has always been a numbers person and took her first accounting class in high school. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Bradley University and shortly thereafter earned her CPA designation. After obtaining her CPA license and beginning her career, Jaime loved to share the knowledge she had gained and taught several accounting courses at a local community college. 


She truly enjoys teaching and loves to help business owners gain a better understanding of financial statements and how accounting impacts their business. Jaime’s students appreciated her ability to break down complex topics. It was also a great reminder to her that the basics of accounting can be simplified for anyone willing to learn. With our growth and profitability offerings, Jaime Staley is able to bring that love for teaching into each engagement and help business owners gain a new perspective to understand their business in a whole new light. 


Jaime started her career in public accounting at KPMG in Chicago working in the tax department. She then moved to the Tribune Company where she gained invaluable experience in multiple roles over a 10-year period while earning her Masters of Accounting from Loyola University Chicago.


Working as the Controller for Metromix (originally a business unit of Tribune Interactive), Jaime was able to get a taste of true small business experience. Metromix split off from Tribune Company and Jaime was in charge of developing the finance department from the ground up. This included transitioning financial software systems to QuickBooks, investigating and making decisions in human resources, getting payroll setup, establishing processes to get bills paid, and getting the CFO up to speed on all aspects of the finance department. This experience laid the foundation that Jaime relies on to be a successful advisor and business owner today. 


Jaime truly enjoys working with her dental, healthcare and IT clients and has found that she has the ability to help them achieve success. Jaime uses industry benchmarks to ensure her clients are operating within normal ranges. She works to develop strategies while looking at the business from a holistic approach (considering cash flow, budgeting, tax savings strategies, etc.) to enable her clients to reach both personal and professional goals. She loves creating meaningful reports and leveraging their financials to help them make better business decisions. 


Her motivation for co-founding PJS & Co. CPAs came from her shift in priorities after starting a family. While looking for opportunities that offered a better work-life balance, she found a virtual CPA firm, where she met future business partners Katina Peters and Jami Johnson. Jaime found that working in a more flexible setting gives her the balance she needs to be successful. She strives to provide this work / life balance to her clients and our team members. 


Jaime enjoys spending time with family and friends and outdoor activities such as kayaking and beach vacations. Jaime’s family loves to travel and they are working on visiting all of the states in the U.S. Her boys love adding new states and have already been too many. Some of their adventures have included trips to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, a drive along the California coast, visiting two islands in Hawaii and Disney World. She is also an active member of her community, volunteering as a School Board Member.