Jami Johnson<br />

Jami Johnson, Owner, CPA, MSA focuses on increasing growth and profitability for service-based businesses and specializes in insurance, IT, real estate, and health care industries. Her passion for entrepreneurship began at an early age. You could say it runs in her blood. Her grandparents and parents were all small business owners, so she grew up watching the work it took to invest in something bigger than yourself. With this firsthand experience, she developed a passion for helping others. 


Jami Johnson obtained her Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting and her Master of Science in Accountancy from Illinois State University. Her accounting career began over 14 years ago in the banking industry and continued in the agriculture and insurance fields. She has held various analyst, audit and executive level roles preparing in-depth and high-level audits and financials. Jami’s professional experience includes business consulting, tax and business planning, budgeting, business valuation services, management advisory services and all phases of business accounting and financial statement preparation. 


Jami has worked with businesses in transition periods to reduce tax liability by hundreds of thousands. She also works with small business owners to ensure they are structured properly to take advantage of tax savings. Her approach is holistic with her clients, truly learning about their business operations as a whole to help guide them with the best accounting and tax decisions. By nurturing an ongoing, regular relationship with her clients, she is able to act as an advisor to consistently achieve and set new goals. 


As entrepreneurs, Jami’s parents were there every day, actively participating in her and her siblings’ lives, which played a large part in her ideals as she started her own family. As Jami searched for the balance and contribution of a life well lived, she began to partner with small businesses who needed more than compliance work, like taxes, typically associated with a CPA. Jami strongly believes that success isn’t only defined numerically, but also in personal progress to an end goal. She is passionate about the business success of her clients and is committed to delivering services that meet each clients’ unique objectives. 


Jami now lives in Texas and enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys being outside and creating new experiences with her family. Three under 7 keep her plenty busy, but she is thankful for the opportunity to be there for her children.