Exciting news: clients of PJS & Co. CPAs can now get rid of those paper files destined for their accountant! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Secure Client Portal, which is live and ready for use today.

We’ve teamed up with Thomson Reuters to make the Portal available to our clients, which will allow businesses to share documents securely with our experienced CPAs without having to physically meet or send sensitive financial information via other unsecured methods. The addition of this web-based tool is one more extension of our focus on providing outstanding accounting services in a virtual environment. “We have leveraged technology since day one, but we are excited to be able to bridge the gap to our clients with this new tool that will make every day operations more convenient and secure,” said owner and CPA Katina Peters.

PJS & Co. CPAs Secure Client Portal, virtual CPA, virtual tax, virtual bookkeping

The new Portal will not only allow clients to share financial documents with their CPA, but it will also act as a place to securely store information for future reference and eliminate the need for paper files. “Safeguarding data is our highest priority and this is one more step we’ve taken to do that,” said Jami Johnson, owner and CPA. “This tool will also help our company gain efficiencies, which helps keep our prices affordable for our clients.”

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Clients will begin receiving emails over the next week, with notification that their personal client portal is available. Once the registration email is received, clients will simply follow the instructions, click on “Register” and set up the account with a unique username and password.

PJS & Co. CPAs Secure Client Portal, virtual CPA, virtual tax, virtual bookkeping

Once the portal login is established, clients can:

  •      Get copies of tax returns; no need to call us or hunt for paper copies.
  •      Securely send us Quickbooks files, financial statements, or any other files.
  •      Access shared files anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection.
  •      Send in payroll data or any other paperwork needed easily through NetClient CS.
  •      Manage financial reports in one place.
PJS & Co. CPAs Secure Client Portal, virtual CPA, virtual tax, virtual bookkeping

It’s all completely private and secure. And once set up, it’s as easy as logging into the Secure Client Portal using a secure ID and password.

For questions about the Secure Client Portal, contact us via email at info@pjscspas.com or by phone at 844.475.7272.