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As an entrepreneur, we know you are busy. Leave the finances to us and gain the peace of mind that a team of professionals is taking care of your business while keeping you informed regarding the status of your financial situation. Stop putting tax planning, bookkeeping and other tasks on the back burner and let us handle it, giving you the freedom to drive your business to the next level.

Our one-on-one, custom approach is unmatched. The value offered by our virtual business model allows our CPAs to focus on your individual situation and create exclusive solutions to meet your business objectives.

We pride ourselves on employing the best talent in the industry. By offering an alternative work environment, we attract highly qualified, dedicated CPAs. This team guarantees we will deliver the best service to you. Let us manage your accounting so you can continue mastering your business.

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Because our services are customized precisely to fit your needs, we ask that you schedule a free consultation so that we may assess your needs and give you some initial ballpark pricing. During this consultation, we will determine whether we will be a good fit for each other. 

As a client of PJS & Co. CPAs, you benefit from our affordable business model. We are 100% virtual and designed to run efficiently and paperless, allowing us to operate more resourcefully than a brick and mortar accounting firm. We offer the opportunity to connect virtually one-on-one with our CPAs who will not only work on your books, but also become a direct advisor for your business. Our CPAs have the experience and know-how to take your business to the next level, acting as your business and financial strategist.

We create a monthly plan that works for your business. We provide the support you need for the financial side of your business while you work on building the business itself. Stop worrying about reconciliations and taxes and let us take that on. 

In order to deliver on our promise to provide a true work/life balance in our team, our response time may not be as immediate as a traditional accounting firm. Although many of our CPAs are able to respond to simple questions relatively quickly, our response time can be up to 48 hours. In the long run, our value is well worth the wait. 

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