PJS & Co. CPAs Virtual Tax Resources

Though we do not require the Organizer be completed (that is optional for you), we do provide it at a minimum as a helpful tool for use in pulling your tax information together.  We are, however, requiring that the Questionnaire be completed and returned to us to assist your return preparation. The Organizer and Questionnaire may be downloaded below or from your Secure Client Portal, completed and re-uploaded upon completion.  
The questionnaire is a fillable form where you can click yes or no and add additional comments on the last page if needed.  The organizer will need to be edited via a software program like Adobe Pro or printed and filled out, whichever meets the needs of your computer and preference.  

Please save all your tax documents along with your completed Questionnaire to your Secure Client Portal and email your CPA upon completion so they may begin processing your return.  If you have any questions or need additional guidance on this, please reach out directly to your CPA and they will assist you.