What is a Virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO, or virtual chief financial officer, provides services like strategic planning, financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, establishing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and other business benchmarking and metrics, cash flow oversight, and other support needed to build your business and reach your goals.

How Does a Virtual CFO Help Your Business?

CFOs partner with you to lead your organization by overseeing financial activities and looking to the financial future of your business, helping you establish and execute your business strategy for growth and profitability.

If you are looking for more than simple bookkeeping and would like the peace of mind that a virtual CFO, or outsourced CFO, can provide through proactive planning, financial reporting and strategic planning, our vCFO services would be a great fit.  

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More Information About Virtual CFO Services

How do our virtual CFO services work?

With our virtual CFO (vCFO) services, you have a dedicated and experienced virtual CFO, as well as a team of accountants, as needed providing support to build your business and reach your goals. We work with you throughout the year with regular meetings and guidance to ensure you are aware of where you stand now and also have the information necessary to look ahead. 

Meetings are held via GoToMeeting, Zoom or phone calls depending on the nature of the meeting and preferences.

How much does a virtual CFO cost?

The average monthly investment for our virtual, outsourced CFO services is $8,500/month ($102,000 annually.) For more information please visit our pricing page. For a personalized proposal, please book a discovery call.

For comparison, a traditional, full-time CFO can range in cost from $312,000 to $525,000 annually. By partnering with a virtual CFO, you gain the ability to focus on your growth goals working alongside a trusted advisor for continual direction and feedback without the cost of a full-time CFO.

What do I get when I work with a virtual CFO?

Virtual CFO services include four meetings per month with your designated vCFO. This service level is very hands-on, we are helping drive results and walking alongside you and your leadership team. We can help with a variety of challenges in your business, like cash flow, business strategy, business models, budgeting, and more.



  • Leading Financial Analysis and Strategy
  • Creating Budgets and Forecasts, Including Departmental Budgeting as needed
  • Financial Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, YTD, Budget to Actual, KPI reports)
  • Building Financial Model for Viability and Scaling Analysis
  • Leading Banking Relationships
  • Recommending Cash Flow Goals and Providing Analysis
  • Analyzing and Driving Operational Improvements and Efficiencies
  • Preliminary Analysis for Mergers and Acquisitions (as needed)
  • Preliminary Valuation and Succession Planning
  • Tax Planning and Tax Return (if elected)

Take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped others achieve their business goals.

What is the monthly meeting structure like with vCFO services?

Meeting #1: Pipeline 

  • This meeting occurs during the first week of the month and allows you and your vCFO to review sales and workload capacity, leads in the pipeline, leads needed, and pipeline metrics.

Meeting #2: Forecast/Strategy 

  • This meeting allows you and your virtual CFO to look at a financial forecast presentation and discuss options and strategy to accomplish goals and hit your numbers.

Meeting #3: Financial Update

  • This meeting allows you and your virtual CFO to review last month’s financials and YTD, including metrics and budget to actuals.

Meeting #4: Operations Systems 

  • This meeting allows you and your vCFO to look at an overview of operational systems and policies, identify any issues/bottlenecks, what upgrades/changes need to happen, and updates on nonfinancial goals.
Do you have vCFOs with experience in my industry?

We specialize in service-based businesses but have a few industry specializations. We offer expertise in dental, IT & MSP, legal and construction.

I have a bookkeeper I love. Do I have to switch all services over to you?

We are happy to work with your current bookkeeper or accountant to advise from a growth and profitability viewpoint and do not aim to replace anyone on your current team. If you would prefer our firm handle all aspects of accounting, we do offer full-service packages, like bookkeeping and tax preparation to compliment our business acceleration packages.

What are the next steps if I’m interested in learning more?

Book a free, 60-minute discovery call, where we can discuss your goals, where your business currently stands, the level of support you need and offer customized tiered solutions with pricing. Should we both decide that it would be a good fit working together, we will send a proposal for signature and begin the onboarding process.

How long is the onboarding process for vCFO services?

Typically, onboarding lasts about 8 weeks. 

Let's Talk! Book Your Free, 60-Minute Discovery Call.

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During this call, we will: 

  • Discuss your company's current financial situation, goals, vision and any other challenges you would like help overcoming.
  • Give you information about what it's like working with a virtual CFO and the types of services you can expect. 
  • Provide pricing options based on your needs

We look forward to speaking with you!

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