Push your business to its full potential.

Virtual CFO services can help you achieve the results you desire.

Why Choose Virtual CFO Services?

Virtual CFO services can help you make significant improvements in income, increase the value of your business and develop the lifestyle you deserve.

Get the advisory services and tools you need to accelerate growth and push your business to the next level. Our CPA background allows us to work closely with you in your business to leverage your financials with wisdom and truly push your business forward. We offer services like cash flow management, forecasting and a variety of tax services that will help you get the full picture on how to move forward and make your vision a reality.

We specialize in virtual CFO services focusing on growth and profitability for service-based businesses, more specifically the industries highlighted below.

Who do we serve?

We work with entrepreneurs who want to take their service-based business to the next level. Those business owners who are looking for an accountant or virtual CFO who can serve as a trusted business advisor and play an active role in reaching goals, improving cash flow and reducing stress.

Our clients are open to suggestions, eager to learn and take action after we develop a plan together. Typically, businesses making $1 million or more in revenue are able to benefit most from our services.

 virtual CFO services

How do Our Virtual CFO Services Work?

Our virtual CFO, or virtual chief financial officer, services provide you with a dedicated and experienced virtual CFO as well as accountants as needed to provide the support you need to build your business and reach your goals. We work with you throughout the year with regular meetings and guidance to ensure you are aware of where you stand now and also have the information necessary to look ahead.

If you are looking for more than simple bookkeeping and would like the peace of mind that a virtual CFO can provide through proactive planning, financial reporting and strategic planning, our services would be a great fit.

We are happy to work with your current bookkeeper or accountant to advise from a growth and profitability viewpoint and do not aim to replace anyone on your current team. If you would prefer our firm handle all aspects of accounting, we do offer typical compliance services, like bookkeeping and tax preparation to compliment our business acceleration packages.

Why Choose Virtual CFO Services?

Full-time CFOs can range in cost from $150,000 to $480,000 annually. By partnering with a virtual CFO, you gain the ability to focus on your growth goals working alongside a trusted advisor for continual direction and feedback without the cost of a full-time CFO. The average monthly investment for our Growth & Profitability Advisory (Virtual CFO) services is $8,500/month. For more information please visit our pricing page.

Additionally, we specialize in service-based businesses like IT & MSP, dental, legal and construction, which can be helpful if you do not have a CFO in your area with industry knowledge. Outsourced CFO services can help you achieve your goals without the additional cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

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Want to Hear from Our Clients?

Does this sound like you?

law firm profitability, grow your law firm
law firm profitability, grow your law firm
law firm profitability, grow your law firm

You want to make more informed decisions about your business.

You are coachable and open to business improvements.

You are willing to listen and make changes that have a positive impact.

virtual CFO services
virtual CFO services
virtual CFO services

You are looking for something bigger and better.

You want a strong ally who can help with every business decision (even ones that aren’t accounting-related).

You appreciate our expertise and want to build a partnership fostered in success.

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We Are Virtual CFOs,

Specializing in Profit & Growth Strategy Consulting

We are virtual CFOs who are committed to taking strategic, calculated steps in working with you to reach your business and lifestyle goals.  We also happen to be CPAs, numbers geeks who love helping business owners like you leverage the information in financial reports to produce better results for their business. The numbers tell a story, our job is to interpret that story, so business owners can make more informed decisions, and more readily achieve their business AND quality of life goals. 

Katina Peters, Jami Johnson and Jaime Staley are the owners of PJS & Co. CPAs. Their passion for leveraging numbers to drive business forward is one of the many common factors that brought them together. They believe accountants should operate differently and deliver more to their clients. 

law firm profitability, grow your law firm

 Not only do we operate 100% in the cloud and work to continually stay on top of the latest technology, our team challenges the status quo by pushing each other and our clients to look at accounting in a more proactive and strategic way. The numbers don’t just tell a story of the past, they can be used to make valuable decisions for the future of your business and ultimately reach your goals. We think differently and get results.

For more about our team and individual partners and team members, please visit Our Team page.

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