What is a Virtual Controller?

A virtual Controller oversees daily accounting operations and accounting-related departments, plays a crucial role in the health of the business, and helps guide strategic financial decisions.

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More Information About Virtual Controller Services

How do our virtual Controller services work?

Our virtual Controller (vController) services provide you with a dedicated and experienced virtual controller as well as a team of accountants as needed to provide the support you need to build your business and reach your goals. We work with you throughout the year with regular meetings and guidance to ensure you are aware of where you stand now and also have the information necessary to look ahead. Meetings are held via GoToMeeting, Zoom or phone calls depending on the nature of the call and preference.

How much does a virtual Controller cost?

Full-time Controllers can range in cost from $194,000 to $297,000 annually. By partnering with a virtual Controller, you gain the ability to focus on your growth goals working alongside a trusted advisor for continual direction and feedback without the cost of a full-time Controller.

The average monthly investment for our virtual Controller services is $5,000/month ($60,000 annually.) For more information please visit our pricing page. For a personalized proposal, please book a discovery call.

What do I get when I work with a virtual Controller?

Virtual Controller services include two meetings per month with your designated vController. This service allows us to partner with client on a different level.  We help them to recognize and hone-in on where operations could be improved and streamlined and provide insight on the financial picture of the business.

You will be assigned an entire team of professionals including a dedicated Controller, Accountant and, if applicable, Tax Specialist. Depending on the services selected the Controller will be managing your internal bookkeeping team or a team provided by PJS & Co. CPAs. If tax services are selected, the tax specialist will provide expertise in tax planning and preparation periodically throughout the year so the team can plan accordingly.


  • Creating budgets, including departmental budgeting as needed
  • Financial reports (monthly, quarterly, YTD, budget to actual) 
  • Cash flow goals and analysis (if elected)
  • Analyzing and advising on operational improvements and efficiencies 
  • Tax planning and tax return (if elected)

What is the meeting structure like with vController services?

Meeting #1: Operations Systems 

  • This meeting occurs during the first two weeks of the month and allows you and your virtual Controller to look at an overview of operational systems and policies, identify any issues/bottlenecks, and what upgrades/changes need made.

Meeting #2: Financial Update

  • This meeting occurs during the last two weeks of the month and allows you and your virtual Controller to review last month’s financials and YTD, including budget to actuals and goals.
Do you have virtual Controllers with experience in my industry?

We specialize in service-based businesses but have a few industry specializations. We offer expertise in dental, IT & MSP, legal and construction.

I have a bookkeeper I love. Do I have to switch all services over to you?

We are happy to work with your current bookkeeper or accountant to advise from a growth and profitability viewpoint and do not aim to replace anyone on your current team. If you would prefer our firm handle all aspects of accounting, we do offer full-service packages, like bookkeeping and tax preparation to compliment our business acceleration packages.

What are the next steps if I’m interested in learning more?

Book a free, 60-minute discovery call, where we can discuss your goals, where your business currently stands, the level of support you need and offer some solutions with pricing. Should we both decide that it would be a good fit working together, we will send a proposal for signature and could begin the onboarding process.

How long is the onboarding process for vController services?

Typically, onboarding lasts about 6 weeks. 

Add On Services Available

Accounts Receivable

We assist in preparing and sending customer invoices at your direction and review. We record payments received against invoices and prepare open invoice listings for collection purposes.

During onboarding we work with you to establish a protocol for how invoicing should be processed, including frequency and timing of invoicing as well as control and review processes.

Accounts Payable

We will code and maintain your accounts payable to ensure bills are paid timely and accurately and integration into your accounting software is done regularly.

During onboarding we work with you to establish a protocol for how bill pays should be processed, including frequency and timing of bill payments as well as control and review processes.

Note: Requires cash flow management services


We will work with you to set goals and establish a budget for your income and expenses. This budget will be set at least annually and sometimes adjusted mid-year. We will utilize this budget to run budget to actual reports and to assist you in analyzing performance, controlling costs, and making pertinent management decisions.

Payroll Oversight

We use 3rd party payroll services, such as ADP, to process payroll. Under this service we assist in more of a management capacity, not actually processing the payroll. Your team handles inputting payroll information into the third party processor internally. We are responsible for oversight of the internal team to ensure processes are completed timely and accurately.

Note: We are not an outsourced HR option, so we are not maintaining employee information or making changes to employee files or compensation without express written requests/consent to do so.

Payroll Processing

We use 3rd party payroll services, such as ADP, to process payroll. Under this service we will take control of entering information and initiating payroll through the 3rd party processor.

Note: We are not an outsourced HR option, so we are not maintaining employee information or making changes to employee files or compensation without express written requests/consent to do so.

Cash Flow Management

This includes both a short-term and long-term cash position views.

For the short-term view, we create a 4-8 week cashflow forecast and meet with a member of your internal team for 30 minutes a week to discuss the inflows and outflows and related timing of these items.

Long-term cash flow management includes estimates of the end of quarter and end of year balances as well as establishing tax and operations reserves.

In preparation for our meeting, we will perform weekly bank reconciliations as well as review the outstanding payables and receivables of the company. During our meeting we will also determine any action steps needed such as collections activities, pushing out timing of payments, line of credit or savings transfers, etc.

The result of this meeting will provide you with peace of mind regarding where you stand and help to smooth out cash flow to keep the business running without interruptions due to cash flow constraints.

Note: Included in vCFO services, optional in others.

Credit Card Expense Tracking

We will assist you in coding and tracking your credit card expenses in your accounting software.

If the extent of such tracking is significant, we will require use of a program like Divvy or Expensify to assist in creating an efficient and effective process. These softwares allow for user selection of account activity, uploading of receipts and required documents, as well as management approvals prior to processing for payment.

We will manage this process and ensure that all is flowing appropriately through the steps to payment and ultimately to the accounting system for accurate reporting.

Business & Personal Tax Returns (Including Tax Planning)

As our support to you centers around forecasting and goal setting to build your business, we will also look to help you set goals around planning for and cash flowing your taxes, including establishing a tax reserve.

We do this regardless of whether you select our tax or tax planning services, we will just do this in conjunction with your outside provider. Should you choose our tax services, we will assign you a Tax Specialist who will prepare your business and personal returns (as elected) and provide updates to the team regarding current tax strategy and estimated tax positions throughout the year.

Sales Tax Returns

We provide preparation and filing services for sales tax returns as required on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

We will work with you to establish the online portal access for the state/city/county necessary to file the returns unless another third party vendor is selected to facilite this service. If a third party vendor is used and you wish us to facilitate the management of this third party vendor, that is also an option under this service.

Property Tax Returns

We provide preparation and filing services for property tax returns as appropriate for your business. Typically, these filings are required on an annual basis and report on the property held by the business to the state.


We provide 1099 preparation and filing service annually, as required. We work with your team to identify vendors requiring 1099 preparation and work with the team to collect the appropriate form W-9s for the vendors throughout the year and at year-end, as needed. We then analyze payments to ensure accurate 1099 submission and prepare and file the 1099 forms using a third party service.

Extra Meetings

You have the option to add extra meetings, as needed, each month for an additional fee.

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