Customized Accounting Services for Your Business

Would you like to find an accountant who acts as a trusted advisor; on your side, helping guide your business? We specialize in growth and profitability for businesses over $1 million. While we deliver typical accounting compliance services, we also offer the expertise needed to work through issues like cash flow, budgeting, and more, allowing you to work with one firm for all of your accounting needs. Our CPAs specialize in many different industries including IT & tech, dental and medical, legal, real estate, fitness, construction, manufacturing, and more. Our experienced, virtual CPAs and bookkeepers have knowledge in your industry, learn about your specific business and tailor a plan just for you, based on your needs.

  • Are you looking for a more proactive approach to your accounting? 

  • Do you want a CPA who will learn about your business and help educate you when needed?

  • Would you like an expert who can help with cash flow problems, budgeting and tax planning? 

  • Do you need help managing month-end or oversight and support for your current bookkeeper?
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Virtual CPA Services, Delivering More

PJS & Co. CPAs aspires to help entrepreneurs with business ideals founded on passion, commitment and purpose. We support this vision by attracting the best CPAs in the industry with a virtual, flexible work environment that empowers our team to think strategically and act as valued members of your organization while living a balanced life. We align superior, customized service completed virtually by highly qualified CPAs with a revolution in the way modern business is done for more flexibility than ever before. Our philosophy is to add value, excellence and financial empowerment to both our clients and team members. 

As a client of PJS & Co. CPAs, you are not only supporting a small business aimed at providing the highest level of service for entrepreneurs, you are also supporting a shift in the workplace. Benefit from one on one, focused CPAs who aren’t burdened by a large volume of clients seen in typical accounting firms while joining our mission to support a society where a healthy work-life balance is truly valued. 

Our Mission: Life in Balance

Our mission is two fold.

1) We have set out to deliver a higher level of accounting services to truly drive business forward. You need more than someone to file your taxes. You need someone who cares about your business and invests time into learning why you’re in business, what you’re doing now, what is working and has the background to deliver valuable feedback and information to improve. We found a large, untapped gold mine of accountants who have decades of experience and amazing education and want to work from home. We are able to partner with these amazing CPAs to work virtually and deliver the best services without geographical limitations. This leads us to number 2.


2)  We are providing an alternative work environment for accounting professionals. There are many instances that can take an accountant out of the traditional “corporate” world – having children, moving, being a caregiver for elderly parents, the desire to live a more balanced life… the list goes on. We believe there is a better way and by utilizing technology, we are able to provide this amazing work environment. 


If you are interested in more about our mission, please visit our About Us page.

Don’t Take It From Us…

Because we take a different approach to serving our clients, we find we are able to provide a value our clients haven’t seen before. Our ability to truly partner with our small business clients, allows us to work together to achieve more in your business. We strive to add value and empower our clients by providing “Raving Fan” experiences with every phone call, email, project, and meeting. 

“I have been working with PJS & Co. CPAs for over 3 years now and have found an immense relief in managing the books and accounts for our small business.  Running a small business requires wearing many hats, and I have been happy to know that the accounting hat can be entrusted with PJS & Co.  My monthly meeting with my accountant allows me to have a clear understanding as to the strengths and weaknesses of my business’s financial health.  The pro-active management approach has not only saved me much anxiety, but it has saved me a significant amount of money as well.  As any small business owner knows, without a clear understanding of your books, you’re in trouble.  I’m very happy to say that partnering with PJS & Co. on my financials keeps me ahead of the game!”

– Malhar Bhagat, Owner


 “The reason I chose PJS & Co. CPAs was the level of trust I felt initially that has continued to grow. I genuinely trust her and my trust is more important than anything else. PJS has a systematic approach cognizant of what you need as a client. If you want an accounting firm that’s going to listen to you, allow you to still have control but provide valuable feedback, PJS & Co. CPAs is perfect. At the end of the day, it’s a solution that’s great for owners who want to be involved and understand what their financials really mean. We have been given valuable benchmarks and thresholds to better understand our success and budget limitations to help the business truly grow. We were trying to figure out the best way to account for certain expenses and realize revenue to make better business decisions. PJS & Co. CPAs has played an integral role in making that happen.”

– Jason Perez, LEED AP, CHC, HCC


“My CPA is efficient, knowledgable and personable all while being affordable. I hate accounting, so I appreciate that my CPA is very communicative and can explain things easily. It allows me to focus on what I am good at and enjoy doing in my business while my CPA keeps me informed about the status of accounting and tax. Everything is always on time and I value having an accountant that delivers reliably with accurate information. PJS & Co. CPAs delivers a great level of support for small business with responsiveness that is unlike any other accountant I’ve experienced.”

– Dan Clark, Founder & Headmaster


“Every time I speak with my CPA, she definitely knows what she’s talking about. I get a thorough answer and feel like I’m getting very high level service for a reasonable cost. My CPA was very helpful during a recent merger and I would recommend PJS & Co. CPAs for advisory and tax services based on my experience.”

– Stephen Barton, President & CEO


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