growth and profitability testimonials

Advisory Services Can Help Finalize Business Returns

This article ,written by Jim Buffington, highlights Jami Johnson’s insights about using Intuit ProConnect Tax Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant within our firm.

Adapting to Workplace Culture in a Virtual World

Katina Peters, partner of PJS & Co. CPAs gave some insight about our distributed team and workplace culture in our virtual environment. 

growth and profitability testimonials

Keeping a Virtual Team on Track

Sarah Ovaska-Few asked Katina Peters about the intricacies of managing a virtual team. 

growth and profitability testimonials

Nurturing Your Business Back to Health

Jami Johnson joins Knucklehead Podcast host, Stephen Colon to discuss thinking outside the box, taking chances and the background of her passion for business.

growth and profitability testimonials

KLAK Radio Interview

Jami Johnson sits down with KLAK in TX to discuss what we do! 

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