Virtual CFO & Virtual Controller Pricing

The pricing below reflects the options available to you based on your business and personal needs. We act as an extension of your team and bill a flat rate on a monthly basis.

Our pricing structure allows you to work with us at a fixed cost, without fear of hidden fees.

Once you speak with one of our advisors, you will discuss your specific needs and receive a quote based on the options you will need to reach your profit and lifestyle goals. Gain a partnership with an experienced virtual CFO (vCFO) as you work on achieving business goals AND  balancing your desired lifestyle. Take a look at the virtual CFO pricing and other services we offer below to decide what is best for you.

virtual CFO pricing
virtual CFO pricing
virtual CFO pricing
virtual CFO pricing

Virtual CFO Proven Process

We are dedicated to a process which evolves to meet the needs of your business and your lifestyle goals. As illustrated, we will constantly be asking questions and measuring results to ensure that as we are working diligently to move the business forward. This proven process allows for significant progress forward while keeping your vision and main objectives top of mind.  This accountability and focus will keep your business on task to ultimately attain the big picture dreams you see for your future.

PJS & Co. CPAs process

Virtual Bookkeeping Services (Historical)

We offer virtual bookkeeping services for clients who are in the right mindset for growth, but are not quite ready for extended services yet.  With these services, we handle basic bookkeeping and a historical look at accounting, so the financials are kept up-to-date and ready for tax planning and tax return preparation. This includes reconciliation of your bank and credit cards along with basic financial preparation.  We don’t offer this service to everyone as we feel that we can provide more value in our Virtual Accounting Services and G&P Advisory roles, but sometimes we find clients who are moving in the right direction and need to get their financials in order before taking the next step with us. On average, our virtual bookkeeping services are $2,500/month.

Virtual Accounting Services (Virtual Controller)

We offer virtual accounting services to business owners who need help getting their financials in order and are ready to do more with their financial information.  This service provides you not only with solid financials, but we start to look to the future with budgeting as well.  Our vController will oversee your accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll processes to ensure streamlined processes and appropriate accounting policies and practices are being applied.  Virtual Accounting Services encompass the month end close process, including a detailed review of your balance sheet and profit & loss statements on a monthly basis along with monthly meetings. During these monthly meetings, you get a high level review of these financials and what they mean for your business. This is a proactive approach that helps look to the future and sets your business up for growth.  We leverage our meetings to help you gain a better understanding of your financial situation so you can make informed business decisions. On average, we offer virtual accounting services for $5,000/ month.

Growth & Profitability Advisory Packages (Virtual CFO)

Our clients have seen the most success when we are able to work with them regularly to discuss the current state of the business as a whole, incorporating the financial story into the big picture of not only your business but your life.  Our vCFOs provide guidance to you and the leadership team to make sound business decisions, create strategic plans for the future and keep you on track to meet your goals.  These regular meetings also allow for further assistance if things start to get off track with the ability to quickly pivot your plans as needed throughout the year. 

Full-time CFOs can range in cost from $150,000 to $480,000 annually. By partnering with a virtual CFO, you gain the ability to focus on your growth goals working alongside a trusted advisor for continual direction and feedback without the cost of a full-time CFO. The average monthly investment for our Growth & Profitability Advisory (Virtual CFO) services is $8,500/month.